Joe Thornley - Owner

Joe was born and raised in Bountiful Utah. After going to school at the University of Utah Joe took a sales job for a home security company. He worked under his now business partner Adam Collings learning a variety of sales and business development techniques. This experience gave him great insight into how a business should always aim to under promise and over deliver.

In 2006 Joe founded HydroPure water and started building relationships with other local Utah companies providing their office water. For a number of years Joe worked the graveyard shift at a local refinery in North Salt Lake while during the day building his client list. Glad those days are over, Joe now dedicated his days to building the HydroPure community of customers and his evenings with his family. ​

Because of Joe's hard work HydroPure is now in a unique position for expansive growth as one of Utah's premier bottle-less water delivery companies. ​

Adam Collings - Business Development

Adam brings years of marketing and business development to HydroPure. Having spent the last 10 years in digital marketing and business automation Adam is building systems and procedures that will allow HydroPure to maintain it's customer first focus while expanding it's customer base.

Born and raised in Littleton Colorado Adam moved with his family to Farmington Utah at age 17. Since then he has made Utah his home while attending the University of Utah, marrying his wife of 9 years and raising 2 little girls ages 4 and 2.

Everywhere he's been Adam has been able to improve efficiency while at the same time increasing the customer base. HydroPure has already begun to see the benefits of his involvement and we look forward to the years ahead.