HydroPure On-Demand Water Pricing


Our basic filtering plan.

  • Unlimited Water
  • Lifetime Filters
  • Lifetime Service
  • Triple Filtered
  • Basic Taste
  • 5 Particulates Removed
  • Sediments Removed
  • Carbons Removed

$25 / month

*per cooler


Our most popular filtering plan.

  • Sediments Removed
  • Carbons Removed

$30 / month

*per cooler


Our most powerful filtering plan.

  • Sediments Removed
  • Carbons Removed

*per cooler


We pull water from your existing line and filter at the cooler on-demand.


We replace filters once per year for life at no cost to you.


Any time anything needs to be adjusted we take of it at no cost.


While other companies require 5 year terms, we offer 12 months.

What to watch out for...

  • A lot of companies offer the same monthly price but have high-tech looking coolers. These coolers perform the exact same functions but cost 10x the amount. In order to off-set their cost our competitors will require you to sign a 5 year agreement.
  • Another way companies may try and recoup their cost is by charging upwards of $200 to remove and replace your filters.
  • Even if you don't choose us, we at least want you to know what to watch out for when your comparing providers.

HydroPure 5 Gallon Water Jug Delivery Pricing

Hydro Bottle Delivery

Our 5 gallon water jug delivery.

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Medical Equipment Grade
  • Hyper Filtered
  • Hard on the environment
  • 1 gallon R.O. water takes 3 gallons to make

$9.00 refundable bottle deposit

$7.99 per jug

someone needs to be in charge of changing out the 40lb jugs too.

$15 / month cooler rental

*per cooler

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