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2628052 Gallons

Drinking water delivered by HydroPure to offices in Utah.

18500 Gas

Gallons of gas saved because we filter on-demand.

63 Partners

Business like yours in Utah trusting HydroPure.

86976 Hours

Uninterrupted water, ice and coffee delivery since 2006.

Customer Since: 2014

We chose HydroPure because they offered a comprehensive solution to our problem. We were able to get water, ice and coffee with the same local company. They brought in samples of everything so we could taste the difference. That alone was enough for us to realize these guys really cared about building a loyal customer base.

Customer Since: 2016

Our department has a pretty small break room and those giant 5 gallon jugs took up so much space it was hard to move around. When Mt. Olympus stopped delivering new water we started looking for other options. Joe came to our office on-time and ready to discuss our needs. We were sold on the mere fact he didn't give us some ambiguous 'window' of time he may or may not come. We haven't regretted switching and would recommend HydroPure to anyone.

Customer Since: 2006

As a clinic we are constantly aware of the impact health has on quality of life. So when we started looking for water delivery companies we wanted a company that not only provided a solution but also cared about the people they were providing for. We've really enjoyed our relationship with HydroPure for that reason alone.

Customer Since: 2012

As a support center for Xerox our employee counts fluctuate often. We have anywhere between 500 and 5,000 employees. We needed a provider that could custom install coolers all throughout our facility. We wanted to work with a local company that valued their clients above the bottom line. We get that from HydroPure,

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